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We are a team of highly professional, certified speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists who have cared for hundreds of patients. We offer a variety of speech and language and occupational services for both adults and children.

our mission

The ability to communicate, as well as actively engage in daily living and occupations, are a couple of life’s greatest gifts. At EBS Children’s Therapy of Georgia, our mission is to enhance the lives of families and their loved ones by providing specialized comprehensive therapeutic services in a friendly and collaborative setting. We recognize that the ability to independently communicate and navigate one’s world is a blessing that so many individuals struggle with.

EBS Children’s Therapy of Georgia uses a holistic and innovative approach that is based on the foundational principles of neuroscience, behavior, and human development. We work alongside our families and assist in them in putting together the pieces and unlocking the keys to their loved one’s success so they may reach their fullest potential.

our philosophy


We recognize the important role that family, other healthcare professionals, and educational partners have.  We strive to provide collaborative services through attending IEP meetings and 1:1 correspondence with physicians, nutritionists, occupational therapists, and behavioral therapists.


We recognize the value of relationships. Consistency with regard to a therapist and continuity of care are key in maintaining a positive on-going relationship with each family.


We believe that, in order to provide excellent care, we must equip our therapists with the necessary tools. Our therapists are trained and certified in specialty areas, resulting in a unique and well-rounded perspective.


We use a combination of treatment philosophies in order to provide each child with excellent care. When designing treatment, we look at the whole child and consider behavior, environment, social, development, and overall wellness methodologies. We recognize that no single treatment approach or methodology is suitable for all children. For this reason, we integrate evidence-based speech/language, autism, and wellness-related research into our practice.

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