Behavior Red Flags

Are You Concerned About your Child's Behavior?

As children develop and learn how to interact with the world around them, they are likely to attempt a variety of ways to meet their needs. This can lead to behaviors which parents, caregivers, teachers, and family members find undesirable, such as tantrums, hitting, and whining. All children will go through various stages in which they rely on these undesirable behaviors to get what they want; but, when should you reach out to a professional for help?

The items listed below can be indicators that your child may need some additional support in learning how to interact with the world around them:

  • Your child seems to rely on these behaviors to navigate through their environment.
  • Certain routines or activities seem to cause the behavior to happen.
  • They display aggressive behaviors towards others.
  • Your child has self-injurious behaviors.
  • Your consistent attempts to change behavior do not work.
  • Behaviors interfere with your child’s ability to participate in their daily routines at home, school, and/or the community.