Adult Speech Therapy Services

Swallowing Disorders or Dysphagia

Difficulty chewing, moving food from mouth to throat, pushing food down the throat, and closing off airway to not choke.

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Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

Therapeutic services designed to improve cognitive function after a stroke, head injury, or other forms of brain damage.

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Cognitive-Communication Disorders

Problems with memory, thinking, attention, language, staying on topic, and any other types of executive functioning. This disorder ranges in severity from a mild deficit in conversations to being unable to communicate.

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Accent Reduction/Modification

Overall, an accent is a unique way a group of people speaks. An accent can be either a regional or a national accent and it depends on many things. An SLP can work on changing your accent through accent modification.

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Voice Disorders

Changes in pitch, loudness, and vocal quality — hoarse or breathy, nasally or de-nasally, problems with pitch, talking too loudly or softly.

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